What are the best hair extensions?

Individual Hair Bundles

This blog can be ended very quickly by saying the best hair extensions are, of course, real Remy hair extensions personally matching your hair type and colour.

To understand what I mean by this you have to understand, naturally, ladies have differences in their hair. Thicker, more voluminous, finer, darker, lighter, so many characteristics can be used to define hair. As I go through this quick blog, you’ll see I make reference to different hair types such as Asian hair or Russian Mongolian Hair. Through referring to their origin and race, different races hold different characteristics within their hair and structure. 

By the way, this is one of the most overlooked, yet most important things to consider when buying hair extensions. 

So why is the hair structure so important?


Health is so important. By default, if you’re of the mindset to spend hundreds of pounds on hair extensions to make your hair as beautiful as can be, then retaining your natural shine and minimising breakages should be top of your list. 

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have written, or are quoted as saying that thicker or heavier hair is better quality. Actually whilst the thickness or weight may be right for one, it won’t be for all. A good example of thick hair is adult or young adult Asian hair, which by its nature is heavy, as a consequence of its weight there will be significantly increased pull on the roots, this will often result in more hair being tugged out than would have naturally occurred for ladies with a scalp used to holding only fine lightweight hair. Now some ladies will better suit Asian hair, but if this hair is thicker than the natural hair, not only will it not look right, it will cause unnecessary harm to the scalp itself. 

Comb running through hair


Thicker hair has different styling needs to finer hair, and then vice versa. Fine hair dries faster and is far more prone to heat damage. What does this mean? Well if you have thicker, more coarse hair extensions such as Russian Mongolian, or traditional Asian hair, but you attach this to your naturally fine hair, the additional time required in the drying and styling process for your thicker locks may well cause real heat damage to your own, more sensitive hair.

Blonde Model With Hair Extensions (2)


If you’re looking to add quick and cheap volume to your hair, there are many synthetic hair options in the market, but hopefully, you’re reading my blog because you’re all about luxury and are refined with a strong education in the importance of hair quality? On a serious note, there are two key ingredients required are achieve seamless blending and the most natural look.
1. Ensure you get the hair type that matches your own. We can help you with this, actually, we are totally capable of providing a match recommendation from a simple, well-lit selfie.
2. Make sure to match the colour as well as you possibly can. The closer to your natural colour the hair extensions are, the better your natural hair and extended hair will correspond when styling.
We recommend our Boutique Slavic hair range for anyone with fine to medium hair, medium through to thick hair will suit our double drawn Remy Amour range better.
And don’t forget, professional hair extension application is an absolute must for making sure you get the most wear from your beautiful, new, long-lasting, and perfectly matching hair. 
Model from behind

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