Single Vs Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Comb running through hair

Differences in natural through to super double drawn hair.

Welcome to the world of intricacies that surround hair extensions. The level of Double Drawn is a mystery to many due to the fact that “Double Drawn” is not a quantifiable product, but rather a process that the hair has been through. So, without delay, let’s look at the different levels of hair processing and what they mean.

Naturally Drawn:

The first type of hair extension is Naturally Drawn, often referred to as “Single Drawn” 😒… I can’t help but think a double-drawn processing facility came up with that one!

Our Boutique Slavic range falls into this category, just as very often the best-of-the-best hair extensions will. Those expensive, true Virgin hair extensions, yep! Naturally drawn.

Naturally drawn is popular choice for those seeking a natural and effortless look. The strands in a bundle of naturally-drawn hair extensions vary in length, perhaps 50% full-length hairs and the remaining 50% will be a mixture of shorter hairs, it will vary, just like the hairs on your head do also. Very often naturally drawn bundles will be “single donor”, so you must afford some room for inconsistencies.

Because Naturally Drawn hair includes different hair lengths within a bundle, it creates a natural tapering effect that mimics the way our own hair grows. Many think it also allows for a more affordable price point compared to double-drawn hair extensions, but it’s not always the case, for example “Super Double Drawn” can be bought on sites like Amazon or AliExpress for very little, so ultimately, Double Drawn has nothing to do with the quality, just the process. It’s worth saying that double drawn will of course be more expensive if the quality is equally as good, but the term itself is not a differentiator. 

Blonde Hair Extensions After Pic
A prime example of naturally drawn.

While naturally drawn hair extensions may lack in volume compared to their double-drawn counterparts, they offer a beautiful and natural finish that is perfect for those looking for a more understated, dare I say it, sophisticated look. And with a simple trim, naturally drawn hair extensions can easily be thickened to achieve a fuller look, albeit at a shorter length.

Overall, naturally drawn hair extensions offer a versatile option, especially for those seeking a discreetly gorgeous, effortless look.

Double Drawn can be sold in many different ratios.

Those being Middle, Grade-A, Grade-B, and Super Double Drawn.

Middle Double Drawn:

A low ratio, a little fuller than that of naturally drawn, the most obvious short hair drawn out, but still a fully natural tapering not dissimilar to that of naturally drawn.

Grade-A Double Drawn:

A large step away from that of naturally drawn, this is our Remy Amour range. It’s double-drawn, but not excessively so. As you can see in our beautiful model’s picture, the hair is full, yet not too full, in our opinion it doesn’t deliver discretion, but maximum hair envy and admiration. A full head of beautiful statement locks with a refined and classy undertone.


Remy Amour Double Drawn
Remy Amour Double Drawn

Grade-B Double Drawn:

The next level up when it comes to drawing the shorter hair out, a great full hair of hair, too double drawn to be recognised as natural hair, this can and will deliver that Hollywood-worthy glamour, the Love Island attention grabbing statement that many desire and crave.

Super-Double Drawn:

In our humble opinion, super double drawn is overly blocky and can look similar to a horse tail when worn in a pony, it’s totally root to tip identical in thickness, this also means the additional weight of hair will put strain on natural hair, and is therefore more likely to become damaged, especially if the wearers hair is fine. This said, there is a real statement to make here. The showcasing, flaunting of such thick lustrous locks can be a real eye turner, a stand-out from the crowd moment, and sometimes that’s what we all want.


Between Naturally Drawn through to Super Double Drawn, is one better than the other? I’d say not, but I hope reading this adds clarity to the Hair2Love definitions at least.

If you’re looking for subtle elegance then naturally drawn may be the best hair for you, and equally if you are looking to really make heads turn when walking into a room, then the super double drawn might be the way to go.

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