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Russian Hair

When you hear “Russian Standard” in the context of hair extensions, it’s easy to assume it’s a straightforward label. But in the complex hair extension industry, these words can often be misunderstood. This also applies to suppliers calling hair “Russian” but selling at lower prices, across many different standard colour options.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Russian Hair Extensions, as advertised by countless companies, are, more often than not, NOT RUSSIAN. Here’s a candid insight – the majority claiming to sell these extensions, quite simply, don’t. Not out of deceit, but perhaps optimism or a market-driven narrative/demand.

The rarity of true Russian Hair Extensions is a by-product of a booming global market. As detailed by Fortune Business Insights, the industry’s value is predicted to double in the next 8 years, helped by growth in life expectancy, increased spend in the beauty industry, and a wide adoption of different hair types. Meanwhile, the supply from traditional sources like Eastern Europe is thinning out; economic progress in countries such as Russia has inadvertently tapered the stream of these sought-after extensions.

What Is ‘Russian Standard’ Really?

The term “Russian Standard” has evolved to imply exceptional quality, with or without Russian roots, so to be clear, it could be Vietnamese, Brazilian, Chinese, or otherwise. It promises a set of standards, a promise of excellence. Here, I’ll break down what constitutes Russian Standard hair extensions, their defining characteristics, and why they remain a sought-after selection despite their geographic origins.

Quality Beyond Borders: The Russian Standard Experience

Russian Standard hair has become a label – one that mirrors the fine texture and the delicate balance of authentic Russian hair. It’s a textural promise that appeals particularly to those of Eastern European and Western descent, offering that seamless blending with one’s natural locks.

A 2020 survey revealed an overwhelming consumer preference for extensions that blend naturally and are indistinguishable from their own hair, this shows the premium placed on such products with those in the know.

Traits of Trust: Russian Standard Hair Extensions

Genuine Texture: The key point of Russian Standard is a texture that blends flawlessly with European hair types – a quality we at Hair2Love stand by. Fine texture delivers better feel, look, and client satisfaction.

Ethical: Much like our Remy Amour range, Russian Standard hair is typically sourced ethically, honouring the dignity of the donors and the integrity of the product.

Natural Quality Preserved: Our offerings, akin to Russian Standard, avoid harsh chemical treatments, maintaining the hair’s natural beauty and strength.

Durability: Hair extensions under the Russian Standard banner should have great longevity, making them a worthwhile investment that lasts well beyond the average lifecycle.

Can Russian Standard Hair be Bad Quality?

Of course, yes. Our Remy Amour Russian Standard hair is selected by hand at source for its texture and structure, it originates from all over Asia, but the hand selection process ensures that this hair is naturally fine and in exceptional, totally virgin condition. Remy Amour then undergoes a long and precise dyeing process to match our Colour Ring – this careful colouration preserves the hair’s natural sheen and high quality.

On the flip side, some manufacturers/suppliers may offer products that mimic these qualities, but only in appearance. This hair can start as coarser Asian hair, the manufacturer will subject it to aggressive treatments like acid baths or cuticle stripping to artificially change the structure to be finer. Such processes compromise the hair’s integrity, leaving it brittle, it will have excessive breakage. Often, a silicone coating is added for temporary strength and sheen, but this is a temporary fix; with time and washing, it breaks down, leading to breakage and a texture that has no chances of blending naturally. If you’ve experienced this, get in touch and we’ll discuss the Hair2Love difference.

The Case for Choosing Russian Standard

Choosing Russian Standard means choosing extensions that have the finesse and feel of authentic Russian hair, much like the assurance and durability of our Remy Amour range. It’s a classification of texture and quality rather than a statement of origin.

Market Dynamics: The Reality of Russian Hair Availability

As the demand for high-calibre hair extensions soars, the genuine article – authentic Russian hair – becomes a treasured find. This surge in demand against a backdrop of limited supply has naturally inflated prices, leading to a question on authenticity in the market.

A Transparent Approach to Authenticity

If you encounter a diverse array of lengths and shades all claiming the Russian hair badge at too-good-to-be-true prices, approach with caution. It’s not necessarily a question of a suppliers integrity, but possibly a lack of awareness regarding the true source of the hair.

Hair2Love’s Assurance

We at Hair2Love take pride in our transparency and deep understanding of our products. Our Remy Amour range reflects our dedication to quality that rivals the Russian Standard without the ambiguity. Our commitment to knowledge isn’t just our mission – it’s our commitment to you, our customers.

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