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Amour: by definition, a secret love affair.

Quality that incites passion, and a structure that delivers comfort and discretion. This is Remy Amour.

Professional Hair Extensions of QUALITY

Remy Amour is incredible hair designed to sit at the top tier of brands for quality and longevity. Hair that will be lasting 12-24 months when well looked after. Remy Amour perfectly matches our brand’s commitment to providing luxury, high-end products that embody the essence of Hair2Love.

Ethical and Correct

Ethically acquired in a virgin state and carefully processed

The hair is ethically collected from young girls, with all cuticles being intact, running in the same direction, and in its most virgin state, before being carefully processed over a prolonged period so as not to damage the hair structure. We ensure that Remy Amour hair has not been harshly treated, which is why the structure remains intact and with complete cuticle, ensuring these extensions are hair extensions that stylists love!

Quality is the hallmark of our elite professional hair extensions range. And when that quality is combined with the care and attention of Hair2Love, we believe that we can form an unbeatable team.


Testing Strands are a great way to try Remy Amour for yourself.

Remy Amour is not your average budget hair extension range. We don’t make false promises or cut corners to keep the costs down. Order from us, put our professional hair extensions to the test! We did, and just like us… You won’t be disappointed.

Better Together



Rigorous assessment checks mean a reliable and high quality product, consistently.


Ethically collected directly from the braids of young girls. A priority on cuticle alignment from the outset. Collected in its most virgin state, never permed or dyed.
SlimEdge Tape


Remy Amour will be lasting 12-24 months or more with the correct aftercare.


With a trade account comes a WhatsApp contact for fast and reliable service, when you need it! Always a client-first service.

Double Drawn

Double Drawn Hair Extensions. Delivering substantially fewer short hairs than that or single/naturally drawn.


Sending stocked items the same day if ordered before 14:00. Free UK shipping with purchases over £50, tracked, and signed for!


Built for professionals, extended returns period, top quality EVA packaging, resealable, easy to post, and easy to store.
Hair under the microscope

The Sourcing of Remy Amour Hair Extensions

Our partners boast over 20 years of experience manufacturing hair specifically for the Caucasian market, and our Remy Amour range is the result of expert craftsmanship that places it at the very top tier of established international brands.

Behind the scenes, our partnered, award-winning product teams have poured their expertise and creativity into developing a range that is quality-assured through a rigorous four-prong check system. And with the added benefit of consistent hair extension bonds brought to you by the experienced research and development team, Remy Amour is a brand that you can trust without any compromise on quality.

We take pride in our commitment to providing you with the very best, and we back it up with a level of integrity that you can rely on. With Remy Amour, you can trust in the quality of your professional hair extensions, and experience the confidence and beauty that comes with it.

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It's designed for Professionals

We know this hair is great, it’s flawless texture, it’s long lifespan, and beautiful true colours call for stylists that know and love what they do!

If you’re looking to train and become qualified in this field then Remy Amour Trade Discount will recognise industry qualifications such as those NVQ’s and Accreditations received from The HEA Hair Extension Academy or Belle Academy. Both UK based, but we welcome international hair professionals to try our Remy Amour brand.

Remy Amour

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