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I'm so delighted to offer great hair and fitted with a friendly service

Hair Extensions in Weston-super-Mare

I’m so delighted that come the summer of 2021, I will be specifically providing a new service, fitting hair extensions in Weston-super-Mare.


There has been such interest in our Hair2Love products from ladies unsure of where to get the hair fitted, who to trust, and how to maintain the product, that come Spring of 2021 I will be qualified in the technique of Micro and Nano Keratin bonds.


This technique is rarely used in the UK, however it is the highest level of discreet hair extension fitting, commonly used in Eastern Europe, and widely thought of as the premium way to fit quality hair extensions like our Russian Mongolian, or Premium Slavic Hair.

So Hair2Love – By Irina will be a national supplier of hair extensions, but also for the first time a local fitter of hair extensions in Weston-super-Mare. As they say, hair extension fitting near you!


I intend to be offering a free consultation to anyone looking to have their hair extensions fitted, this will be completely free of obligation. The consultation will last approximate 15-30mins, this will give us plenty of time to look at your specific hair type, discuss your ideal end result, talk about which hair might fit your style, colouring, and lifestyle, answer any concerns you may have if you are new to hair extensions, and have a good natter about what we can do to make your hair truly beautiful.

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We only use suppliers who are based in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. We have seen the facilities and trust their manufacture.

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For the most discerning ladies we have gone the extra mile to source the very best manufacturers who have a history of care, taking hair from only the healthiest donors.

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We have direct communication with our manufacturers, we are part of the supply chain, and do not compremise authenticity for speed or price.

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Customer Service

This is my company, I have my name on it. The quality of our product and the happiness of my customer is so important for me that I take personal responsibility for every order.

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Everything I think will be of use will be placed in my blog or on Social Media. Thanks for reading!


Thank you for being part of my journey. My goal is to provide you with the best quality hair extensions, able to last wash after wash, boosting volume and beauty. If you feel I can add anything to my site, or improve my business, site, or service in any way, please let me know.