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Did you know that over 52% of hair extensions sold around the world come from China?

Even considering the above, you’ll struggle to find a hair salon or online retailer selling anything specifically labeled ‘Chinese hair’.


Chinese hair has earned a bad reputation within the hair extension industry, so bad it has had to rebrand several times over the years and these days will mostly not refer to the word ‘Chinese’ at all, choosing instead to label the hair as, Remy hair, Human hair, European grade or European standard.

All good hair is Remy, but not all Remy hair good.

Allow me to explain.


Chinese hair is very coarse (thick hair shaft), making it twice the diameter of western caucasian hair. Pokey straight, black, or dark brown in colour, in its natural form this hair isn’t suitable for European markets, so it must be adjusted.


Adjustment includes aggressive processing in an acid bath to make it finer, that’s right, a bath of acid. It’s during the ‘bathing’ process that most of the cuticles are stripped, and following the acid bath that the hair is coated in silicone, leaving it, at least temporarily, soft and shiny.


Most of the time, this type of Remy hair extension looks great when it arrives in the box and the first time on the head, but after a few weeks it will start to look dull, become prone to split ends and shedding. The lifespan of these extensions is often advertised as up to 6 months of wear, but in reality, you would probably prefer to remove the hair after just 2. 


To save yourself from disappointment, when shopping for hair extensions always look out for the origin and lifespan. This is the most crucial factor when it comes to getting top quality hair extensions that will last you for many months, look great, whilst feeling natural and authentic. 

Hair from Russia and the Ukraine is without a doubt the best match for Caucasian western women.

A naturally very similar structure, in its virgin form the hair will come in a variety of shades from blonde to brown, not requiring any chemical treatments or harsh bleaching. High quality hair with these origins will last over 12 months, therefore will eventually save you money through the longevity of your purchase. Slavic (a specific type of Russian Hair) is also the highest density hair, meaning that often just 100g is enough for a voluminous full head.

Chinese vs Russian Hair Extensions

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