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Extra special, and no “off-the-shelf” purchase. When buying Boutique Slavic hair extensions you are buying extensions that are as unique as your own natural hair. 

When you are ready to discuss your options, please open the chat bubble and speak with us. We cannot wait to meet you!

How it should be!

For hair as individual as you

Buy hair extensions online, with the same level of consultancy you would get if you visited a manufacturer.

Have photos, videos, and explanations about a specific hair bundle before you buy it.

Be reassured the hair structure and colour are right for you or your client before purchase, ensure successful blending, great looking, and a comfortable feeling hair.

Check the quality of the hair prior to purchase, don’t commit to a bulk product.

Ask all the hair extension questions you need before spending money on your valuable item.

Why the boutique approach?

Hair Structure. Fine Hair Extensions are different to coarse.

Why boutique?

  1. Often misunderstood, hair structure is a vital element to consider when purchasing new extensions. Our history in the supply of fine Slavic hair extensions has given us a deep routed knowledge and supply chain for fine through to coarse, high-quality hair. By providing advice and guidance before sale, we maximise the chances of hair being a perfect match!
  2. In today’s modern market, this type of hair is not easy to come by  or readily available in all shades and sizes, we cannot stock infinate structures and colours, so the bespoke consultancy ensures we only sell the right hair, to the right client.
Same Quality

Our Fine structure Premium Slavic Hair Range - Made eVEN Better

Boutique Slavic is a deluxe range focused on private buyers, yet also relevant for independent, high-end, or “boutique” salons in the trade.

Our Boutique Slavic hair extensions range is never pre-packaged and pre-sealed, it arrives with us as bundles, often single donor, and always from our Boutique Slavic Hair sources in the Ukraine and from our exclusive partner in Russia.

The advantage to the above is that we have the opportunity to quality check each bundle and each strand before sending the hair to a client.

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It’s the Boutique, in Slavic Hair.

A service that could not be more client-focused from the very outset. A well-considered hair purchase, backed by Hair2Love knowledge and experience.


Hair Extensions are a big purchase, and whilst we realise we do not provide cheap hair, we do provide good quality. Launched in 2023, our Boutique Slavic hair extension range takes our commitment to the next level by providing a wide selection of hair, from fine to coarse. We understand that your hair is as unique as you are, and that’s why we offer custom selection to ensure complete satisfaction.

Trust us to help you express your individuality through premium Slavic hair extensions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Boutique Slavic

Customers Reviews

Where is it from?

Origins matter

The finest structure hair will be collected from young donors, the hair is sourced from Ukraine, Russia, and bordering states such as Belarus, Uzbekistan, and Kazakstan.

Hand-selected, we consider Boutique Slavic to be able to offer the softest and most light-weight hair available in today’s non-virgin market. 

The hair is purposely selected for its fine structure, and whilst the Boutique Slavic hair range caters in most part to ladies of western-European descent with fine hair, the nature of our service means we serve all customers according to their individual characteristics, and coarser hair can be acquired from origins such as India, China, and Vietnam, the hair is always collected from young girls braids, cuticle kept aligned, true Remy hair, single and double drawn.

Who does it fit?

Best suited for the majority of white western-European women with fine to medium hair structures. This hair can be straight or wavy. Generally coming from lighter-coloured donors, the hair requires less processing, and it’s simpler to achieve blonde tones.