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This post is a way for me to communicate our best aftercare advice for new hair extensions.


Our hair is of superior quality, but even when this is the case, hair still requires the correct care in-order to last well into the future. 


Follow these simple steps to better improve your hair’s longevity.


1.Hair extensions will require a specific soft hairbrush like the our boar bristle and nylon brush (our recommendation) with no beads on the ends, this will safely allow you to brush your hair without damaging hair bonds. Hair extensions hairbrush is suitable for any fitting of your choice. You should always start brushing your hair from the tips, gently moving higher to the top of your head. Backcombing or teasing is not recommended.


2. You can wash and treat your hair extensions the same way you did your own hair, but avoid applying oily or hair moisturising products directly on your hair bonds as this may lead to hair bonds or tapes slipping off. Wash your hair gently to avoid tangling during shampooing and conditioning. We recommend that it’s best to wash hair in a vertical position, without flipping the bonds. Please remember that your hair is most fragile when wet, do not brush your hair when wet, first gently tap your wet hair with the towel and allow it to dry.   


3. Your hair extensions would be most grateful if you let them dry naturally, but if you want to use hair dryer, you should avoid blowing hot air directly at your hair bonds (this is particularly important for any hot application methods and tape ins). Heat protection products are also recommended to be used when styling by blow drying or using curling wands and hair straighteners.


4. We strongly advise not go to bed with your hair extensions wet to avoid tangling. Its best to have your hair fully dry and put away in a loose pigtail or ponytail. It’s also best to put your hair in a pigtail or ponytail for swimming and exercise.


5. All our hair extensions can be dyed and toned. Please note that ash and platinum blonde shades of Russian Mongolian hair extensions may require some toning after a few weeks of wear, as this hair type is of Asian group and would have been bleached from black or dark brown. 


Now enjoy your new hair and superb volume.

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