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A Dream

About my company Hair2Love

If you are reading this, you are just like me, you must love hair, and I started my company for you!


Thank you for visiting my website, and thank you for spending some of your precious time reading about my business.


Hair2Love exists because in 2011 I moved to the UK and married a British gentlemen. I previously lived in St.Petersburg, Russia, before moving to the UK I had the most wonderful hairdresser providing me with luscious hair extensions that added real volume to my hair.


When I moved to the UK I really didn’t think my hairdresser would be among the people I would miss the most, but as time went by I tried finding the same high-quality hair extensions from hair salons in the UK, before even trying to buy from UK hair extension suppliers, sadly nothing worked, time and time again the new hair would let me down, be broken after washing, or become dry and frizzy.


It was after a couple of years without hair extensions I thought I could try and build a business bringing the same hair I was using in Russia, to ladies and hair salons in the UK.


Well, I’m sorry I couldn’t do it in 2016 because myself and my husband started a family, and as I write this today it is now October 2020, we are just coming out of Covid-19, and I finally start to live my dream.

Thank you
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We only use suppliers who are based in Russia, Ukraine and Europe. We have seen the facilities and trust their manufacture.

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For the most discerning ladies we have gone the extra mile to source the very best manufacturers who have a history of care, taking hair from only the healthiest donors.

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We have direct communication with our manufacturers, we are part of the supply chain, and do not compremise authenticity for speed or price.

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Customer Service

This is my company, I have my name on it. The quality of our product and the happiness of my customer is so important for me that I take personal responsibility for every order.

Social Media


Everything I think will be of use will be placed in my blog or on Social Media. Thanks for reading!


Thank you for being part of my journey. My goal is to provide you with the best quality hair extensions, able to last wash after wash, boosting volume and beauty. If you feel I can add anything to my site, or improve my business, site, or service in any way, please let me know.