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Our Story

I could never find authentic high-Quality extensions in the UK.

Why Hair2Love?

I tried hair extension supplier after supplier in the UK, and was always disappointed that the quality never compared to that of the hair in my home country of Russia.

About our hair extensions company

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our business.

My name is Irina and I have been passionate about hair extensions for most of my adult life. I received training as a technician both in Russia and the UK, and along with my husband Ian, founded Hair2Love. We hope you enjoy reading about our professional hair extensions company and look forward to helping you with all of your hair extension needs.

So where did it all begin?

was there not a Russian Hair Extension Supplier in the UK with the same hair as in Russia?

Hair2Love was born out of a personal need for high-quality hair extensions. When I moved from St. Petersburg to the UK, I struggled to find good quality hair extensions near me or salons that met my high expectations. Whilst this was a long time ago, it is still true to this day for many ladies. I tried countless options, but each time the new hair would disappoint me with tangles, dryness, frizz, or other complications, was there not a Russian Hair Extension supplier in the UK with the same hair as in Russia? Frustrated and longing for the top-notch hair extensions I had grown accustomed to in Russia, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Together with Ian, we brought the best hair I had used in Russia to the UK, this hair is sourced from Russia and we are the exclusive distributer in the UK. After navigating the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched Hair2Love. 

Why buy Hair Extensions here?

Genuinely Unique

The manufacturer of the adorable hair extensions I was using whilst living in Russia had never supplied the UK, doesn’t speak English, and only worked with sellers in Russia and the US. Much to my good fortune the language barrier had curbed entrance to the UK, and we now have exclusive distribution in the UK market from our partner in Russia, no-one else in the UK supplies this hair! 


For the most discerning of ladies and professionals. We have gone the extra mile to source the very best. The hair is collected in a virgin state from children and young adults, it has had no chemical treatment before coming to Hair2Love, and is quality checked throughout its collection and distribution.


There is no better way to say it, we’ve kissed a lot of Frogs so that you don’t have to! It has cost and continues to cost us every month, as we continue to buy and test sample after sample from factories contacting us, suggesting their hair “is the best in the world”. We have gone through dozens.

We can promise our clients that both ranges, Boutique Slavic and Remy Amour have been selected due to quality alone…not price or profit. From our own tests, we understand they are the highest form of genuine Remy Human Hair Extensions.


This a personal company. We offer a personal service and actively commit to communication and a client-first ethos.

The quality of our product and the happiness of our customer is vitally important for us, and paramount for our business. We hand-select every order to maximise satisfaction, and as founders, we support each customer querry. Our service, our customers, matter.

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