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Russian Mongolian and Premium Slavic Hair - We only sell the very best quality Remy Hair Extensions

Hair2Love specialises in Russian and Slavic hair extensions.

The origin of hair is often overlooked, yet it is the reason for different colours, weights, and structures; for instance, Asian hair is a structure typically found with twice the cuticle layers to the hair of a caucasion western woman, meaning twice the diameter and a totally different feel and styling demand.

A perfect and natural fit for caucasion western women, the hair from the regions of Russia, CIS, and the Ukraine are extremely popular among the specialist hair extension salons in the UK. Yet, these regions only account for some 2-3% of the world’s population, making this hair incredibly rare, meaning the credibility, ethical stance, and legitimacy of our hair extension manufacturers is among the most value we can bring to our clients.

Our 100% Remy human hair has intact cuticles aligned from root to tip.

Buying from Hair2Love, you can be assured the hair extensions you purchase come with their Keratin protein protected. There is no need to risk brittle or dry hair, instead, buy with confidence. We have sourced a guaranteed standard of ethically produced hair extensions.

One of the largest frustrations for professionals sourcing hair extensions is the difficulty in finding high-quality fine hair, and hair that wouldn’t damage after washing, dying, or drying. We guarantee that our suppliers will not artificially adapt the quality of their hair, there is no need. The Russian Mongolian and Slavic hair extensions ranges are ready to last 12-24 months with the right care.


Russian Mongolian Hair Model


Thickness and Volume

World renowned, Russian Mongolian hair is softer and finer than Asian, Brazilian, and Indian hair, whilst sharing the characteristic of being generally darker in shade.

Part of the wider Asian hair group. Russian Mongolian hair extensions are collected on the southern borders of Russia, in Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan.


Who does it fit?

Commonly straight, the hair type can become slightly wavy when wet. The hair is naturally shiny, soft and silky to touch. This type of hair is likely to be a darker colour in its natural virgin state.

Best suited to women with more coarse (thicker hair shaft) hair.


Luxurious Fine Hair

Hand-selected directly from the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Slavic Hair is widely considered the softest and most light-weight hair available, the hair is well-known to be silky and have good elasticity, even when wet.


Who does it fit?

Best suited for the majority of white European western women with fine to medium hair structures. This hair can be straight or wavy. Generally coming from lighter coloured donors, the hair requires less processing, it’s simpler to achieve blonde tones.

Slavic Hair Extensions are absolutely premium. In the UK, they are typically only found in the portfolio of high-end hair extension specialists. 

Amazing Accessories

Accessorising Extensions

Perfect hair extensions deserve perfect accessories. Our products are for salons and individuals, from hair extension accessories, through to magnetic eyelashes.

All of our products are recommended by us, and either work perfectly with your Hair2Love extensions, or look great when paired with them.

Use the correct accessories to increase the longevity of your hair as well as its appearance following styling.

Accessorise and maximise your beautiful hair!

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Perfect Match

we match from photos for a perfect shade & type

Working with you to make the quality shine through

The struggle to find high-quality hair extensions of a fine hair structure is what eventually led to the founding of Hair2Love. We understand that hair extensions are a significant investment for many.

Even the most beautiful hair extensions can look unnatural if the structure or weight doesn’t match that of the wearer. The correct hair will blend flawlessly with its wearer, and it’s for this reason we have strong relationships with our hair manufacturers in Russia and Ukraine, we work directly with them to match hair based on a clear picture provided by the hair extension trade professional, or our customer before purchase.

If you are interested in the ‘Perfect Match’ service, please click the button below, attach a good quality selfie or two, in a good light, and we will provide our recommendations within 24 hours.

Don’t take chances if it’s not necessary, let Hair2Love help you ensure your hair extensions are perfect in colour, body, and type.

Hair Untangled

Our Guide to Hair Extensions

A totally free download. Hair2love's guide to hair extensions.

This is our guide to the world of hair extensions, their origin, type, characteristics, grades, and wear. This is not meant to be groundbreaking, however, we hope this will help our fellow hair enthusiasts and professionals to understand more about the sometimes unclear hair extension industry.


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