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If you're new to hair extensions, or you have any questions about quantity, type, or colour, please open the chat bubble and contact me. Irina x
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"I could never find authentic high-Quality extensions in the uk"

I tried hair extension supplier after supplier in the UK, and was always disappointed that the quality never compared to that of the hair in my home country of Russia.

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Russian Mongolian and Premium Slavic Hair - We only sell the very best quality Remy Hair Extensions

High-quality hair extensions can be evidenced through our hair’s intact cuticles, aligned all the way through the hair starting at the root. At the foundation of a human hair is a protein called Keratin, its the cuticle that must remain intact to protect this protein, retaining the hairs strength. If cuticles are damaged the hair will be brittle, dry, and lack any protection from natural erosion caused by sunlight or pollutants.


Hair extensions of lower quality can be identified by running fingers through the hair, if the cuticles are not intact the hair will likely tangle or shed. Our hair, Russian Mongolian, European, or Slavic, will all allow your fingers to glide through with little friction and only slight strand loss, if any.

Many of the hair extensions on the market today also have a silicon coating to replicate a naturally silky appearance. This hair will easily damage after washing, it is one of the frustrations I had sourcing hair before identifying our suppliers in Russia and the Ukraine.


Hair2Love do not place silicon coatings on hair extensions, rest assured that the hair we sell to our customers is naturally lush, silky, and strong.


If you have questions about the right hair for you, contact us on the Perfect Hair section.


Russian Mongolian Hair Model


Thickness and Volume

The best quality Russian Mongolian Remy hair direct from the people we use in its home country.

The most popular hair extensions in the UK, these extensions are hand-selected by me after being sourced from the Southern areas of Russia and middle Asia.

Naturally shiny, soft and silky, the hair is famous for its quality, strength and thickness. Commonly wavy after washing, the hair will create a magnificent volume to go with the wearer’s new length.

Slavic Hair Extension Model


Luxurious Finest Hair

Our finest quality Remy hair. Hand-selected directly from the Ukraine, we know the hair’s origin and history of care.

This is the very softest and lightest hair available, the hair is well-known to be silky and have wonderful elasticity, with no tangling, even when wet.

Best suited to those with naturally fine, light-weight hair. This hair is incredibly rare, we only source Slavic Hair extensions that are among the very best quality in the world.

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Amazing Accessories

Accessorising Extensions

Once you have found your perfect extensions, you want them to both last and look great whilst doing it.

Hair2Love stock products from brushes and bands, through to conditioners and combs. Easy on your hair, and sourced from manufacturers that concentrate on quality.

All of our products are recommended to work perfectly with your Hair2Love extensions, increasing the longevity of your hair as well as appearance following styling. Accessorise and maximise your beautiful hair.

Perfect Match

we match from photos for a perfect shade & type

Working with you to make the quality shine through

Hair extensions are a real investment for many. The right hair certainly doesn’t come cheap, and although we make high-quality hair extensions as affordable as possible, the truth remains, a high standard of hair usually means spending hard earned money.

It’s for this reason we have strong relationships with our hair manufactures in Russia and the Ukraine, we work directly with them to match hair based on a clear picture provided by our customer before purchase.

If you are interested in the ‘Perfect Match’ service, please click the button below, attach a good quality selfie or two, in good light, and we will provide our recommendations within 48 hours.

Don’t take chances if it’s not necessary, let Hair2Love help you ensure your hair extensions are perfect in colour, body, and type.

Your Quality

The best quality hair extensions in the world

For hair you can be proud of, day-in and day-out, with wash after wash


Thank you for being part of my journey. My goal is to provide you with the best quality hair extensions, able to last wash after wash, boosting volume and beauty. If you feel I can add anything to my site, or improve my business, site, or service in any way, please let me know.